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In a perfect world Veterinary care would be free. In reality the running of the practice has to be funded by the fees we charge. Our philosophy is that these charges should be a fair balance between being affordable whilst providing high quality care. In annual surveys (SPVS & MAI) Aniwell charges are consistently lower than the regional averages. All invoices are itemized and all fees are subject to VAT. We will try to approximate the cost of treatment and can produce detailed estimates on request. These estimates can only act as a guideline as medical conditions can be unpredictable.

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1506 Wimborne Road
BH11 9AD
tel: 01202 591208
fax: 01202 573186

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453 Ringwood Road
BH12 4LX
tel: 01202 735984
fax: 01202 747051

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"I want to bring to your attention an amazing veterinary practice called Aniwell. About five years ago Mr O’ Neile performed a key hole spay on Sophie my gordon setter. I was so impressed with the fast pain free recovery" ... [More]